(Subject to final MSA approval)


We are extremely privileged to have been given this opportunity to bring the X30 to the UK market. The X30 engine is produced by the renowned Italian engine manufacturer, IAME, who have over 40 years experience within the Karting industry – winning several World titles along the way.


Our goal was to bring to the market an affordable and reliable engine built for one purpose – kart racing – giving the competitor, whether they are a leisure or professional driver, the utmost enjoyment, knowing they’re using a dedicated kart racing engine.


The X30 engine is already enjoyed in over 15 countries throughout the World with international series taking place already. The UK will see the possible introduction subject to final MSA approval, of both the Senior and Junior X30 engines. Essentially the same engine will be used for both the Senior and Junior categories with the only difference being the addition of an exhaust restrictor for the junior. This simple solution will allow an easy and cost effective transition from junior to senior.


Some of the other main features of the X30 engine are it’s comparable speed to other mainstream categories, it’s simple pump diaphragm carburettor (specifically developed for the X30 engine), it’s lengthy service intervals of around 50hr, its self generating ignition system and the external water pump.


IAME’s philosophy is to build engines with one purpose in mind- equal performance and the fairest possible racing for all competitors. This is achieved by their commitment to quality control with the focus on tight tolerances and use of the best available materials. This also results in being able to offer both Junior and Senior engines as unsealed units thereby giving the competitor more freedom to perform their own maintenance and help to curb running costs. This approach is backed up by their production of a comprehensive scrutineering kit that will be available to all clubs. This approach has already proved exceptionally successful with the newly established IAME Cadet engine , the Gazelle.


When it comes to the racing, we believe that the core of competition must be done at club level so as part of the homologation process we gained support from kart clubs that would host the class in their club meetings giving the competitor the opportunity to race at which ever level they wish. This support came from Kimbolton, Fulbeck and Rye House since then we have had increasing amount of interest from clubs such as TVKC, Whilton Mill, Wombwell and Shenington to name a few, all wishing to join us and actively promote the X30 at club level. We would also hope to gain permission to run the categories in the LGM Series to allow us to showcase these new classes to clubs all over the UK to help aid with its growth.


As we feel this engine has been developed with the needs of the competitor in mind, we hope that the X30 offers the sport of Karting the next generation of engine with the added benefit of a dedicated Kart Engine manufacturer.