X30 Tour Race 2 – Kimbolton

Angus Fender

Anderson Chilcott, Eddie Hack, Ben Wooldridge and Yukinori Isshii all emerged as Heat winners but it was Angus Fender who claimed pole position for the “A” Final. With the race underway Fender quickly established a lead of some 25 metres before Mario Mills moved his way up passing Alfie Brown & Eddie Hack to assume 2nd place, closely followed by Wooldridge. Fender kept a gap even with the hard charging Mills who started to close, Wooldridge driving a solid race with a couple of laps remaining nipped past Mills and this brought Anderson Chilcott into contention. These three had quite a tussle before Wooldridge eventually claimed 2ndplace by no more than a yard. The gap between Mills and Chilcott, though, could be measured in mere inches, with Mario eventually getting the verdict. 50 metres further back, Elliot Harvey, Joshua Thompson, Bryony King and Eddie Hack were involved in an equally close dispute over 5th place.




Andrew Rees-Reynolds, Danny Keirle, Tom Prior and Stephen Letts were all Heat winners. For a large part of the “A” Final it looked as though Jacob Stilp was cruising to victory after he replaced Oliver Hodgson up front. Once Keirle took over 2nd spot, however, he gradually began to close in and the chequered flag must have come as a relief to Jacob as Keirle required one more lap to have a passing moving on Stilp. Derek Morgan resisted the efforts of Hodgson to claim 3rd spot. The first Round winner Mark Litchfield had struggled for grip all weekend but he managed to finish 6th behind Letts. Fastest man in the final Gus Lawrence managed a strong 7th place overall.