News Archive: April 2013


LGM Series gets off to a sizzler as Jewiss missed maiden win by 200 grams

Alex QuinnRound 1 Larkhall Scotland. For the first time, the LGM went to Scotland and what a visit it was. A Titanic battle between Kiern Jewiss & Alex Quinn both driving superbly, but in the end it was Jewiss who took victory over the line, only to have it taken away due to his kart being 200 grams under weight. Fusion driver Alex Quinn lead the race for near all 15 laps absorbing the pressure from Jewiss, but was presented with the win in the end. Quinn who showed his class managed to pull a gap with Jewiss clear of the following pack. After a very strong mid race Oliver York closed the gap and receiving the fastest lap to Tom Wood, passing Wood on the last lap to take 2nd with Wood a very good 3rd. William Pettitt finished a strong 4th, with Jonny Edgar, Lewis Thompson & Dexter Patterson finishing 5th,6th & 7th respectively, all the drivers new to the LGM.


The currently man on form Teddy Wilson had a torrid day having to come through the ‘B’ final from his bad heats, finishing 12th overall.  Top Privateer driver Tyler Chesterton raced home to 8th overall and claimed his prize. Both types of tyres were used as the track went from wet in the morning to dry in the afternoon and there were five different winners of each of the five heats.  After the race, Round 1 winner Quinn said “ I enjoyed the race today and i know Kiern should be standing here and feel really sorry for him as we both had a great race together, this is my first LGM round and i have enjoyed it a lot”.  With another northern track coming next, it will be interesting to see if Quinn can make it 2 out 2 !. For championship information and standings visit

Recoil starter update

Over the past 7 months of the engine being on the market we have had several request for competitors, teams and trade, on parts that would enhance the engine with the majority referring to the pull star unit. As the goal of IAME and myself is to ensure we have the best possible product on the market we are investigating the following to improve all aspects of reliability:


-Increased specification of pull rope this is in production and all older ropes have been changed under warranty


-Clip to replace knot in pull rope this will be available as replacement part and in production from mid May


-Tolerance between pawl and location bush this is testing , and will go into production after it’s evaluation


-Location tag for recoil spring this will go into production 1st May


-Diameter of pulley to allow more rope to be held will go into production 1st May


– Pulley wall thickness this will go into production 1st May


We understand this has been frustrating time but as you can see and hopefully understand, we are actively working on the recoils as a whole, are normal time from design modification to production is in the region of 5 week with the prototype version being used for 3 of those weeks.  All of the above are to enhance the recoil unit reliability I would like to reassure you that when the new parts are available we will of course exchange any of the older failing parts  under warranty.

Countdown to the first MSA British championship race


With only 4 weeks to wait until the first Cadet British Championship is to be contested on a different engine for 25 years.  With 50 driver registered for the series, its tipped to be the hottest title battle in the category in years. With fantastic prizes coming from IAME, and Super One series, its going to be an exciting year ahead.