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IAME X30 International final, full to capacity

Due to the enormous amount of entry requests for the IAME International Final, we wish to inform you that entries are now closed.

To satisfy as many drivers as possible, we decided to make a big effort and move the limits in each category to the following numbers:

X30 Junior – 68 Drivers

X30 Senior – 126 Drivers

X30 Master – 51 Drivers

X30 Shifter – 34 Drivers

We are constantly replying to all enquires, confirming to each driver his/hers acceptance of participation according to the “first come, first served” criteria. Anyone yet to receive a reply, whether it be positive or negative, will do so in the next few days.

We also inform you that due to a timing review, the Free Practice sessions will start on Wednesday October 16th in the afternoon. Drivers and teams will be required to arrive at the Circuit on the morning of Tuesday October 15th in order to install their structures and complete drivers’ registrations.

Further details will be posted in the next days via our website , IAME’s official Facebook page and other Karting related websites.

We wish to thank all of you for the enthusiasm demonstrated towards the 2nd running of the IAME International Final and we wish to apologize to all those drivers who’s entries will not be able to be accepted.




Chers tous,

en raison de l’énorme quantité de demandes d’inscription pour la IAME International Final, nous tenons à vous informer que les inscriptions sont maintenant fermées.

Pour satisfaire le plus grand nombre de conducteurs possible, nous avons décidé de faire un gros effort et déplacer les limites de chaque catégorie aux numéros suivants:

X30 Junior – 68 Pilotes

X30 Senior – 126 Pilotes

X30 Master – 51 Pilotes

X30 Shifter – 34 Pilotes

Nous sommes constamment à répondre à toutes les demandes de renseignements, ce qui confirme à chaque pilote son acceptation de participation selon le principe “premier arrivé, premier servi”. Toute personne encore à recevoir une réponse, qu’elle soit positive ou négative, le feront dans les prochains jours.

Nous vous informons également qu’en raison de la révision du timing, les séances d’essais libres débuteront le mercredi 16 Octobre dans l’après-midi. Les pilotes et les équipes seront tenus d’arriver au circuit le matin du Mardi Octobre 15e afin d’installer leurs structures et compléter les enregistrements des pilotes.

De plus amples détails seront publiés dans les prochains jours par notre site Web , la page Facebook officielle de la IAME et d’autres sites connexes Karting.

Nous tenons à tous vous remercier pour l’enthousiasme démontré envers la 2ème édition de la IAME International Final et nous tenons à présenter des excuses à tous les conducteurs qui n’est entrées ne seront pas acceptées.


William Pettitt takes his first Little Green Man victory

William PettittWilliam Pettitt had his first Little Green Man round win at the Kimbolton circuit making him the fifth different driver to win this year. In the sunshine, Pettitt started from pole, after the set of heats, and lead into the first corner, the Fusion team mates of Oliver York and Zac Robertson managing to find there way around Dextor Patterson on the opening lap, and push past Tom Wood. These three worked together and quickly pulled a gap, away pursuing pack, now headed by Albert Carter. Alex Quinn quietly moved his way through, taking other drivers one by one after a relatively poor start by his standards, hot on his tail was leading privateer Tyler Chesterton. Once these three had reached the front of the battle for 4th place, Carter slowly fell away down the order, with Quinn moving past Wood, these pair pulled clear of the rest. York then past Pettitt for the lead, but Robertson stuck with it and pushed on in 3rd. Lap 13 saw Jonny Edgar fall down the order after lying a strong 6th. On to the last lap and with a final try, York’s manoeuvre but didn’t quite pay off as Robertson found his way through.



So at the line, with both arms in the air, it was Pettitt taking his first LGM win, followed by Robertson who scored his first ever podium and York 3rd. AIM motorsport driver, Tom Wood got the better of Quinn on the last lap, to come home in 4th and 5th respectively. Teddy Wilson after his short break and a change of team finished 6th, with the leading privateer Chesterton 7th, and a superb privateer effort from Toby Stevenson to finish 8th. Oliver York now pulls clear on the points table, but on drop scores, Quinn leads by 1 point !. Its now all down to wire and the last round at P.F. International, who is going to be crowned the 2013 LGM Champion!


Is X30 for you?

If you are unsure if the X30 is for you, then book a FREE* test day with with the X30 engine. For further detail email us or call 01636 626462.


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