News Archive: March 2016


Nominated Petrol Station Rd 1 PFI

IMPORTANT– Information for all competitors.  The 1st round of the LGM series at PFI will be using a nominated petrol station the details are as follows:-


A1 South Bound (Access is also possible from the north bound side) 
Toll Bar Road
NG32 2JP,
approx 5 miles from the circuit 

The only petrol permitted for this round is 95 Ron unleaded and the chosen oil is Shell ‘M’ (Cadets only, X30 oil is as per regulation).  A sample will be taken and measured against the datum purchased.


Part Clarification

It has been brought to are attention that some incorrect part have been found in the Tillotson HL 394 A, as per the pictures bellow (fig 1 Incorrect, fig 2 Correct). Any part not conforming to the Gazelle fiche must be changed immediately.

Part clarification 394

Due to the origin of these part being unconfirmed, we will be offering and exchange FOC, all incorrect part must be returned to IAME UK for a replacement to be issued.