Edgar’s Hyundai MSA Super One Series: Round 4 Clay Pigeon 24/25 August

William PettittAfter a long break the MSA series returned to action at the hill top circuit in Dorset, where the sun failed to shine until late in the afternoon.  There was even a brief rain shower for the last morning heats.  It’s the shortest circuit visited, only a 33s lap for the fastest class, so the pressure on the drivers was unrelenting.


Alex Quinn led much of the first final, briefly succumbing to Tom Wood until a frantic last lap.  Whilst those in front over-defended, William Pettit picked four karts off for a magnificent win over Jonny Edgar and York.  Wood had a five place penalty elevating Alex Quinn to fourth.  Wood then had an excursion at the start of the second final, whilst Pettitt was delayed by a spinner leaving Quinn with a large lead.  Despite a broken seat stay, York hauled in the leader and won with Kiern Jewiss up to third. “Alex defended hard at the first turn and didn’t get a good run down the hill so I got him and defended to the end.  A big thank you to my Dad and Rocky.” said York.

Results Final 1: 1 William Pettitt (Zip); 2 Jonny Edgar (Zip); 3 Oliver York (Zip); 4 Alex Quinn (Zip); 5 Teddy Wilson (Zip)

Results Final 2: 1 York; 2 Quinn; 3 Kiern Jewiss (Zip); 4 Wilson; 5 Zachary Robertson (Zip)