Recoil starter update

Over the past 7 months of the engine being on the market we have had several request for competitors, teams and trade, on parts that would enhance the engine with the majority referring to the pull star unit. As the goal of IAME and myself is to ensure we have the best possible product on the market we are investigating the following to improve all aspects of reliability:


-Increased specification of pull rope this is in production and all older ropes have been changed under warranty


-Clip to replace knot in pull rope this will be available as replacement part and in production from mid May


-Tolerance between pawl and location bush this is testing , and will go into production after it’s evaluation


-Location tag for recoil spring this will go into production 1st May


-Diameter of pulley to allow more rope to be held will go into production 1st May


– Pulley wall thickness this will go into production 1st May


We understand this has been frustrating time but as you can see and hopefully understand, we are actively working on the recoils as a whole, are normal time from design modification to production is in the region of 5 week with the prototype version being used for 3 of those weeks.  All of the above are to enhance the recoil unit reliability I would like to reassure you that when the new parts are available we will of course exchange any of the older failing parts  under warranty.