SKUSA SuperNats XIX Las Vegas/November 18/22, 2015

Dear all UK IAME competitors,


as announced in December, the SKUSA SuperNats XIX (Las Vegas/November 18/22, 2015) will host the IAME NORTH AMERICAN CUP.


The IAME classes are as follows: IAME Mini (MINI USA), Junior TaG (Leopard), Senior TaG (X30) and Master TaG (X30).


As you all know, this unique Karting event gathers each year around 500 drivers, so the definition of the schedule of the meeting is a very hard duty and the entries are usually completed in less than two hours from the opening of the entries (August 10th for this year).


Due to the entries limitation in each class, the organization has asked us to inform them about the number of drivers that we expect to join the race from outside US, so that they can adjust the schedule accordingly and possibly add extra slots in one class or another.


For all UK IAME driver wishing to compete at this please send your details to the following e-mail