X30 Senior to remove front brakes at International level

Following CIK recent decisions of introducing the C-Under 15 license that allows 14 years old drivers to join the Senior classes and despite what we disclosed along the 2016 season and recently during the IAME International Final, we wish to inform that the use of any kind of front brakes will be forbidden in the X30 Senior class (excluding masters) already in 2017 in the two international events promoted by IAME.


After evaluating the scenario that we will face next year, we have come to the conclusion that with such new age limits, the number of X30 Junior drivers that will move to X30 Senior in 2017 will be much more than any usual season passage. For such reason, in order to support our sport and avoid the purchase of a front brakes system to all these drivers that would use it only for one season, we have decided to anticipate the decision originally scheduled for 2018, so after the expiry of the front brakes homologations.